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Recycled yarn

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What is recycled yarn?

As more and more customers begin to pay attention to and use recycled yarn, is recycling recycled yarn really beneficial to protect our planet?

The raw materials used to recycle the recycled yarn are derived from the recycling of other waste products in our lives. It can be reused and is cheaper than cotton. The recycled yarns are pure cotton, polyester-cotton, chemical fiber, wool, etc., which have the characteristics of oil absorption and strong water absorption. For example, recycled silk raw materials may be scrapped from the time of cutting in the production of sari.

Nowadays, more and more recycled yarns are entering our daily life, including recycled cotton, recycled wool or recycled polyester.

The general polyester yarns are extracted from petroleum, but the recycled polyester yarns are extracted from discarded Coke bottles and mineral water bottles. In this way, the yarn has a contribution to recycling environmental protection, and thus it is widely loved by environmentally conscious people in this era of serious pollution, and fabrics made therefrom are increasingly favored by consumers.

Recycling recycled fabrics, recycling recycled Coke bottles and recycling recycled yarns, reducing waste and environmental burden, reducing energy waste and protecting oil resources.

What is the CU global recycling standard?

Global Recycling Standards GRS was originally created in 2008 by the Regulatory Alliance CU and transferred its ownership to the Textiles Trading Association on January 1, 2011. This standard applies to companies wishing to have a statement of the content of recycled raw materials in their final product.

The GRS standard is based on the principles of tracking and traceability of certified finished products, as well as environmental and social responsibility requirements applicable to all industries. The development of standards or the introduction of a transaction certificate system will provide better monitoring and control mechanisms for the industrial supply chain, thereby ensuring the integrity of certified products.

The global recycling standard is designed for applicants joining the GRS certification system. The applicant can be a company that trades and/or produces recycled or semi-finished products and is ready to join the GRS certification system. The scope of certified products is not limited to textiles. If the company outsources the production of finished products in whole or in part, the relevant production units must also comply with the GRS standards.

Global Recycle Standard V2.1.pdf

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